SHC Internship Program


The SHC Internship Program is a 10 month program designed for those who have successfully completed a discipleship style program and are interested in further growing in their leadership and ministry skills, as well as developing the skills and practices necessary to serve as a bi-vocational minister.  We are looking for young men and women who feel a call of God on their lives toward ministry.

We are aware that many pastors begin serving as bi-vocational ministers in churches with congregations under 200.  We have developed the SHC Internship program to assist those heading toward bi-vocational ministry.  The program will offer interns the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to balance work, ministry, family, and personal growth in a healthy way.  Currently, all of our staff, with the exception of our lead pastor, are bi-vocational. Our lead pastor has 25 yrs. of experience being bi-vocational prior to coming to SHC.

We work to place our interns in a position where they have the opportunity to work alongside experienced pastors and volunteers in their specific area of ministry interest.  Additionally, we offer opportunities for our interns to own real responsibilities within their areas of ministry.  Many have the opportunity to develop and run ministries or areas of ministry from the ground up.  Everyone who enters the internship program will be required to find and hold part-time employment outside of ministry, serve 16-20 hours in the church office during office hours, and serve before, during, and after services throughout the week. 

Leadership development happens through a combination of reading, listening to podcasts, writing, and teaching each week.  Each intern will have weekly conversations and coaching with the staff and leadership of SHC.  Some weeks this will be private time and other weeks corporately with the entire group of interns.

If you have interest in applying to, or learning more about the program, please request a copy of  our Internship application and handbook at

We pray regularly that God will connect us with men and women who can assist us in growing the Kingdom of God, and we can assist in growing as His ministers.

We are praying with you concerning God’s plan for your life.  Thank you for considering the Souls Harbor Church Internship Program. 

God Bless,
Barry Curtis, Lead Pastor
Souls Harbor Church